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Parts Catalogs for Mechanical Engineering


Since 1995 we successfully develop software which is used for producing spare parts catalogs in German, English, and in other European languages.

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Our →SPCat (Spare Parts Catalog) software has been developed for the special requirements of mechanical engineering and may be used universally. You can create spare parts catalogs for your machines and systems either manually or automatically from data which are available in your ERP systems and drawing archives.



The software modules of the SPCat Suite allow you to create and publish spare parts catalogs for the following output media: Paper, CD-ROM, and the Internet - each one with an individual layout, with individual functions, and in different data formats.


Are you a small or medium-sized business which builds only a few special purpose machines per year for one single customer? Or a globally operating group with serial production and a widespread range of products? In each of these cases we can offer you an appropriate software license agreement.

For further information on SPCat please visit →www.spcat.com.


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