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Technical Translation


Since 1995 we are translating technical documents in the field of chemical and physical technology. Our translators have excellent specialist knowledge. As a matter of principle, they always translate to their native language.

Special fields

We are specialized in technical translations for vacuum technology, thin film technology, and semiconductor technology.


Translations to the English (US English), Turkish or Japanese language are normally being performed in-house. For technical translations to European languages, to Chinese (traditional or simplified) or to Korean, we work together with external translation agencies.
File formats and foreign language typesetting

We can process files for all commonly used word processing, typesetting or DTP systems. The text is translated by overwriting the original text. At the same time, we perform all the required adjustments in the layout and the paging. Text in diagrams and in illustrations can also be translated by us.

FrameMaker service

We can implement FrameMaker templates in many languages for you. In this case, we will pay special attention to the specific features of Asian languages.

Translation memory systems

By request, our translators will be using one of the following systems: Transit, Trados or SDLX.


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