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Safety symbols for hazard alerts

Logo large: Symbol library We offer a free library of symbols which may be used for hazard alerts (safety labels). The library contains graphics files in the GIF and EPS formats. The symbols can be downloaded individually or as ZIP archives containing symbol sets.

The following categories are available at the moment:

  • Warning signs, danger signs or warning symbols, danger symbols
  • Prohibiting signs or prohibiting symbols
  • Mandatory action signs or mandatory action symbols
  • Symbols for hazardous materials (according to the German "GefStoffV")
  • Rescue signs or rescue symbols
  • Fire protection signs or fire protection symbols

In many cases, references to national and international standards (DIN, ISO, ANSI, SEMI) and regulations are given. This information cannot be found in the ZIP archives. It is displayed whenever an individual symbol is selected. 

Please read our information page concerning the technical use and our legal notes page. You find the symbol library below:

→Logo: Symbol library

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