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References to the Symbol Library

Our free symbol library on the Internet enjoys great popularity. The following institutions, companies or website operators refer to it in their Internet presence. Each of the listed websites offers free and useful information on occupational health and safety, industrial safety, or technical documentation. 

External linkarbeitssicherheit-online.com

Website by Walter Günsche on industrial safety (german language)

External linkARTECH Limited

Our partner in the field of technical communication for the regions Liechtenstein, Eastern and Central Switzerland

External linkFreiwillige Feuerwehr Buxtehude

Fire engines :-)

External linkGefahrgut2000

Website by Susan Miller with services related to hazardous materials transportation (german language)

External linkgefahrstoffe-im-griff.de

Project by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

External linkHVBG

Hauptverband der gewerblichen Berufsgenossenschaften. Occupational safety - health protection - accident insurance (german language)

External linkINTECOM

Globally acting association for technical communication

External linkwww.Code-Knacker.de

The website by Juergen Kohlenberg deals with the explanation of codes, symbols, abbreviations and acronyms (german language).

External linkPeter Ring Consultants

Service provider for technical communication in Denmark

External linkTechnikredaktor.ch

Information on technical communication in Switzerland by Marcel Tujetsch

External linkTECOM

Swiss Society for Technical Communication. Professional association for writers, editors, illustrators and other communication specialists in Switzerland.

External linkThe Safety Link

A directory by the "International Product Safety News" - a newsletter devoted to electrical product safety compliance

External linkUniversität Heidelberg

Central administration for the University of Heidelberg, department for occupational health and safety (german language)

The symbol library can be found here:

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